Climate in Zimbabwe



Green season (mid-November to end-April)
It is not raining all the time but short rain showers can occur, so make sure you have a light raincoat. The green season is ideal for:

• Birding, as all migrant birds are in Africa calling, breeding and nesting
• Sightings of reptiles and amphibians is good
• viewing the many flowering-plant species
• The bush is thick and water spread out through the park, so large animal viewing may not be as good as in the dry season

Golden season (mid-May to mid-December)
With the drier weather there is less free-standing water available and mammal concentrations at water points improves. Due to less vegetation a visit in the dry season is ideal for:

• Seeing large mammals
• Sitting by waterholes and observing the animals
• Predator viewing at waterholes is rewarding


June to August are cooler months

  • Daytime temperature up to 25°C
  • Nighttime temperature down to 3°C)

September to November is hot

  • daytime temperature in the 30°C range,
  • nighttime temperature between 10°C - 15°C)