The Story of the Name - Nyuchi

Nyuchi (pronunciation)

/ nu • chee

kenyan bee comb.jpg

The Story Behind the Name - Nyuchi

Nyuchi is a Shona word for bee. Shona is one of the native languages of Zimbabwe. Now that we have that cleared up, let us tell you why we choose it.

Beekeeping has been in the family history for a number of generations. Our love for bees and honey was the main reason why we choose the name. We wanted to carry on the family legacy, but at the same time make the name local. After combing through various names in multiple African languages, ‘Nyuchi’ was the name that was settled on—it was close to home on all accounts.

It took awhile for it to sink in, but it definitely has now across all the Nyuchi brands. The logo is simple and unique—it goes with the name.