Places to Visit in Harare

Harare, the capital city of Zimbabwe, has much more to see than appearances lead on. Several hotels catch the attention of many a tourist from all over the world, such as, Meikels, Monamatapa, and the Bronte, just to name a few. They pay homage to the sights of the city, among these is Africa Unity Square. From the ground it may look like just a regular garden, but seen from the pool deck of the Meikel’s hotel, the entire garden when in full bloom, is the shape of the Union Jack. On the other side of town, you can see the city skyline from the top of the Kopjie. The famous little hill in downtown Harare.


Across the Africa Unity Square, you will find St Catherine’s Anglican Cathedral—the biggest bell tower in Harare. Further away from the city center, you will find the Catholic Cathedral of the Sacred Heart. Both cathedrals are open to the public.


For the art lovers of ethnic culture, The National Arts Museum holds many different pieces of African history within its walls. It is located next door to the sight of Harare’s annual pastimes, HIFA (Harare International Festival of the Arts) main stage, which plays host to many talented acts from across the globe. The dates of the festival are usually in May.

sam levys village borrowdale.jpg

Further from the city center, we find ourselves in the Harare Botanical Gardens, which is home to many indigenous and rare plant life that can be found throughout Harare and Africa. Close by, you will find the National Archives of Harare dating back to Zimbabwe’s Independence and more. If you’re the window shopper, or you just want a quiet morning/afternoon to take in the sights, then head on down to Sam Levy’s Village and Movie house in Borrowdale. It has an array of coffee shops, fast food, and fine dining restaurants—you really can feel like you’re living the high life. Although much has happened to Harare in the past, it doesn’t affect it’s future. When in Harare you will see how life can be lived to the fullest in all ways.

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