The History of Nyuchi Safaris

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The History of Nyuchi Safaris

Our history is a sum up of Bryan Fawcett's life in the last few years.

The idea of running his own safari company came into existence in 2016, when he traveled from Johannesburg, South Africa, to Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, with the Joburg2kili Cycling Team.


After this amazing adventure up Africa, Bryan stayed in Tanzania, and worked freelance for a few companies. Then he officially worked for a tour operator based in Arusha, Tanzania.

Bryan moved back to Zimbabwe in December 2017, and in March 2018, he formed his own company with his family called Nyuchi Africa. Nyuchi Safaris is a division of this parent company.

He has a strong passion for the outdoors and vast amount of knowledge of the African bush from his days as a boy scout, and then later as a scout leader. With this, Bryan is well-suited for the safari life. He gives advice on where to travel around Zimbabwe and Africa. His many adventures across Zimbabwe, Southern Africa, and East Africa have given him a wealth of information about the landscape, places, and cultures in this regions. All of this goes into building itineraries for our clients. 

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