Doing What We Love


As most of you probably know, Bryan and I (Michelle) are siblings. We are building a business based on our heart’s desires and dreams. From a young age, we have both loved to travel and explore new places. We always looked at any trip as though we are going on an ADVENTURE, because that really is what it is about, right?

Bryan thinks big—he works hard, has amazing ideas, and does his best to make them become a reality. For the last few years, Bryan has traveled a vast amount of southern and eastern Africa. He has an extended amount of knowledge and information on Africa, as well as our beautiful country of Zimbabwe. Through all of that, he has created the brand of NYUCHI AFRICA. It is like a tree trunk, and has many branches. Bryan constantly is building, expanding, and growing the company. He is such an inspiration and blessing to those around him.

In the near future, he will be heading out with his wife, Patty, on an experience of their lifetime! If you would like to follow their adventures more, you can check out their Facebook page, website, etc. called “Bundu Africans” to hear and see all about it!


As for me, well, it is actually quite hard to talk about yourself hey? I have traveled a fair amount, and my knowledge is growing. I am loving what I am doing at Nyuchi. I enjoy interacting with people, learning fresh information, going on road trips, and just appreciating this journey that we call life.

I am finding my direction, having dreams, and wanting to achieve them. Is it easy to get them? Of course not. There is a constant hustle. You have to put in so much effort in order to get somewhere. At times you feel lost, unsure, and just needing a boost. Although in the end, it will be all worth it.

Each day we just keep doing what we love and are passionate about.

Thank you for reading, until next time!