Business Traveler Tips

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At first, business travel can seem exciting, like taking a break in the coffee routine, or an opportunity to explore new places; however, after a while, the stress of air travel and living out of the hotel room can begin to wear on you.

Traveling for work isn’t always easy—sleeping on planes, packing for trips, and staying on your mobile device can be really draining at times.

You’ve all seen them, those seasoned business travelers in the airport effortlessly breezing by you in the security check.

Make a ‘Grab and Go’ Bag

Save yourself the hassle of packing and repacking every time business takes you out of town, by keeping in your carry-on, the minimal amount of clothing, shoes, and accessories you need, including your 100ml liquid toiletries in a bag, your travel pillow, sleep mask, earplugs, and several pens to fill out customs forms.

Check In Ahead of Time

Check in for your flight online, or through your airline app, to get your boarding pass printed out before you arrive to the airport to stay on track, which means you can often skip the check-in and go right to security.

Air Travel Attire

For the plane, you will want to wear something that’s comfy and loose fitting, yet also stylish. Wearing layers is a great way to cope with the airplanes fluctuating temperature. For men, pants or a jacket with deep pockets are ideal, so you constantly won’t be digging around looking for your phone, passport and/or boarding pass in your backpack. As for women, rather travel with a handbag that has a big inner pocket that you can keep all your travel documents, etc, in one place.

Best Seat for Business Travelers

No need to play “my mother told me to choose this one” when looking at the Aircraft Seating Chart to select your spot for the flight. A good rule is to avoid the seat at the front of the plane, since these do not recline, as well as the ones facing the bulkhead, which generally provide more legroom, but it is where parents often travel with their babies. If your stomach churns when sitting at the nose or tail, rather choose a seat by the wings, it endures the least amount of movement when the plane is turbulent.

Travel Cover

Travel insurance is essential, especially for overseas trips. An annual policy for worldwide cover, tax deductible, is not prohibitively expensive and you won’t have to remember to buy a new policy for every trip. Check the current risk assessment of the country you are traveling to and ensure your policy covers that region. If you are concerned, or unsure, then contact your Travel Consultant for advice and the best steps to take.


Customer service numbers

Keep customer service numbers handy as it offers quicker access to the right people if a flight is canceled, or you need to change hotels, or car reservations, rather than waiting in a line once you are there.


It is essential in business and just as useful to travelers. Developing relationships with car hire companies, hotels, and airlines is a way to boost your experience. You can ask your Travel Consultant for any suggestions. Loyalty programs give discounts for familiarity.

Where You Are

If you are either representing your company, yourself, or your country, know the local laws, be courteous, and tip where it is customary. Another pointer is to watch what you eat, it may be fun to experiment with the deep fried meat from a street food vendor, but you are there to keep healthy in order to give your best performance for work. Why take the risk? Also, remember to always stick to your bottled water.

Stay safe and happy travels!